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What do you need from your office furniture manufacturer?

Whether you're looking to redesign your own commercial office, or you're a supplier seeking new products that your customers will enjoy, you want to make sure you're getting the best deal out of your office furniture manufacturer. From chairs and desks to screens and desk dividers to storage compartments and pedestals to various odds and ends for the workplace, everything can have an effect on your working environment's look and feel - whether it's positive or negative.

The first thing to take into consideration is what kind of working environment you're buying for. This could mean the size of the space you're making a purchase for, or it could mean the type of work that's done in it. An office furniture manufacturer will generally create solutions for more than one type of workplace, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have solutions specifically suited to yours. Do you work in a busy call centre where noise is a significant issue? Then you may wish to look for acoustic solutions, such as wall tiles or screens and desk dividers. The large volume of calls and talking that takes place in the average call centre means noise can quickly rise to a level where people's well-being and productivity is affected - but there are ways around the issue. It’s rarely possible for call centres to house each individual employee in their own office or even in their own cubicle space, so soundproofing solutions - such as acoustic screens - can be a big help.

The look and feel of an office can also have an impact on workers' productivity and mental well-being, and is something you and your office furniture manufacturer will want to take into account when choosing solutions. Even something as simple as the dominant colours you choose for your furniture can have an effect, with red being a productivity-boosting colour that encourages a competitive mindset, while green sees workers feeling more creative and energised. What sort of state of mind will best benefit the sort of work you're doing?

It’s also important to consider layout and space when purchasing for your workplace. Do you want a privacy-based layout or one that’s more open? Screens, desk dividers and partitions are a great way to transform an open-plan office into something with more privacy for those working in it, as well as dividing the space into different sections - such as departments. As they can also be moved or removed at will, they are an excellent non-permanent solution.

Once you know what sort of solutions are best suited to your workplace - or, if you're a supplier, to the workplaces of your customers - it's easier to make sure you get the best out of your office furniture manufacturer. Whether you're buying chairs and desks, desk dividers and screens, storage, or something decorative to make the workplace feel more attractive to employees - or even all of the above, if you're working towards a completely revamped office - choosing the right manufacturer goes a long way.

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